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The Long Ships

The Long Ships - Frans G. Bengtsson,  Michael Meyer (Translator),  Michael Chabon (Introduction) Last book read in a language that it's not mine, so I came across slowly and with some stop to read another book in spanish.
I always like books about the history and behavior of another cultures, and this one is not an exception. Well written, but sometimes with lack of dialog (which always make the action more lively), it paints a good image of what the vikings were and what their thoughts and religion were. Not only pirates or ransackers, but very good warriors.
The characters in the novel, from the main to the last of them, are like people on the classic sagas, they resemble archetypes. If you are accustomed to big characters with a lot of detail, you could find them a bit dim, but in the end, this does not affect to the history itself. This one could be related with another characters, and the tale would be the same.
Highly recommended to any who want to know more about the northern warriors.