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Glass Soup

Glass Soup - Jonathan Carroll
Neil Gaiman said about him: "Carroll opens a window that did not know and invites you to look through. Gives you eyes to see them, and brings together the world with all its freshness, honesty and innovation. " And this is precisely what we found in Glass Soup, a story that combines the usual surprising, it makes sense with the fantastic, the impossible everyday.

Carroll writes in a style that at first seems simple and easy. Therefore, you read his books in one sitting, and before you know how it happened, you have forgotten the surrounding, and you are completely hooked. I think he is able to awake people who has lost his keen on literature.

Jonathan Carroll has a great capacity to make everyday transformed in something fantastic, or wonderful (in the style of Alice, from Lewis Carroll), and this amazes and fascinates me. His ideas about life and death are interesting and manage to make me think, ask questions that maybe otherwise would not even on my head.

In crystals soup we enter the world of Simon, and soon, very soon, we realize that we are in a different world, unreal and confusing. It is the world of death, where time and logic that we apply in life have no place. It is a death built from dreams (and nightmares) of Simon. This is a story that will navigate between two worlds of life and death, a dream story that will make us conceive our own paradise or hell.