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El libro de la seƱorita Buncle (Rara Avis)
D. E. Stevenson
The Darkness That Comes Before
R. Scott Bakker


Mountain - Cixin Liu,  Holger Nahm,  Kim Fout,  Verbena C.W.,  Malice Bathory
As a reader in a language that it's not mine, I select the books I read carefully. This one was recommended to me, and the argument attracted me a lot, as to buy it without hesitation.
It's fresh, it's original, and it made me felt the anticipation of the first science fiction novels I've read in my youth. I loved the central idea of the novel, the challenge of climbing and what it means to people. I loved the explanations that the aliens tell Fen, and felt very comfortable with them, not lost at any moment. I have a deja vu with this part of the novel. I found me thinking about Flatland, by Edwin Abbot. It's a very good story, with the right words, not many, not few.